Signal Processing Lab

Unitec Signal Processing Lab

This research lab is mainly working on signal processing and machine learning to develop state of the art algorithms and technology in different research topics ranging from rehabilitation engineering to acoustic signal processing, computer vision, and natural language processing. The ongoing research in the lab basically focuses on three aspects: Noise & Vibration, Computer Vision & Image Processing, and NLP & Speech Processing.


Giving People A Voice

Current technologies to help people who have had their larynx removed are limited and often sound robotic, but Hamid Sharifzadeh, a computer scient ...

New noise-cancelling technology developed

New noise-cancelling technology developed by Unitec senior lecturer Iman Ardekani will help save more lives in the next generation of the LifePod i ...

Research Excellence Dean’s Award 2016

Two computer science lecturers from Unitec Institute of Technology have won kudos for their research excellence in work on life-changing technology ...


Noise &

Our research on noise and vibration include computational acoustics, ...

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As one of the popular sub disciplines of digital signal processing, ...

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By utilising pattern recognition and signal processing techniques, o ...

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